Pre-fermented dough, robust wheaty flavor.


High quality ingredients, distinct Italian taste.


Traditions honored and elevated.


Ample taste, satisfyingly balanced.


Airy crispness, indulgently fulfilled.

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About BigA

Bringing true Italian zest to the scene of downtown NYC, BIGA is a new contemporary pizza restaurant focused on the concept of bringing everyones favorite food more health and finesse.

Giving you less guilt and better quality, the difference is in our name – as BIGA is an Italian style pre fermentation added to the process of our dough giving our bread base a rise in flavor and nutrition. Super soft and highly hydrated, the result is pizza with a light airy crunch topped piece by piece with fresh seasonal ingredients, giving our pizza an edge of character and taste. Savoring the essence of authentic flavor, BIGA delivers not just an elevated approach to pizza but an positive experience for your body and palette

The Difference Rolling in the Dough

BIGA Classic – Type 1 Flour. Nice Light Crunchy Bite.
BIGA Multigrain – Wheat & Rye Flour. Homeade Seeds Blend. Hearty & Healthy.

The secret is in the preparation of our doughs which encompasses almost all our dishes. Pre-fermented and blended in 2 parts while being hydrated at different levels during the process, BIGA’s exclusive bread base elevates our products fluff to be crunchy and light, tasty and nutritious with each and every bite.


The BigA Difference

taste of italian dough baking

Made daily, all our pizzas and bread based plates encompase our advanced technique dough. Pre-fremented and hydrated at different levels while resting at room temperature for 24 hours, this allows the BIGA to add complexity to the bread's flavor and is used to make our breads airy, visually seen as an open texture with holes and enjoyed as a light crunchy bite.Quality at its best, our dough is formulated to be easiest to digest so you can feel less full and enjoy more of what you love.


Quality Flours of Use

for the forward thinking pizza

We care about food not just tasting good, but also being good for you. That is why we only use Italian stone ground flour, preferring type 1 flour for our classic choice and whole wheat for our alternative option. Both types contain a higher content of fiber and proteins - allowing each bite to be flavorfully savored and healthier to consume.


Passion for Ingredients

selected for a palatable experience

Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. We nourish all those things when we eat well. Which is why at BIGA we carry those sentiments alongside quality ingredients freshly flown from Italy every week. Our prep time goes into making sure each ingredient is ready for your meal, crafted so you can equally enjoy each element of zest bite by bite.


Taste Made With Love

our best component

All these factors do not come together to make a good product, but rather blend to form an experience.Giovanni and the BIGA team don't want to hear that the pizza taste good, we want to know that eating BIGA's pizza, made you also feel better.

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The LOVE of Pizza

Equipped with this is mind, Giovanni Barbieri trained at Università Della Pizza – Italy’s best regarded pizza school. Given the education and technique on modern contemporary pizza, he has now taken his cultivated talent to NYC to bring the big apple a finer, healthier, lighter & crunchier bite into pizza and its bread base alongside other delicatable plates.

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